Company Intro

Under the profound, intelligent guidance of our mentor, 'Mr. Sagar Gogawale', we have reached and scaled new heights of success. His exceptional managerial skills, charismatic leadership quality and in-depth knowledge of this domain have enabled us to chisel a niche for ourselves. Fire extinguisher play an important role in firefighting and are considered as an active fire protection devices products basically designed to control fires. Mainly, there are two category of fires extinguishers, stored-pressure and cartridge-operated. In stored-pressure unit, expellant and the firefighting agent are gathered in the same chamber. In a cartridge-operated fire extinguisher, the expellant and the firefighting agent is stored in a different chamber. The chamber has to be punctured for the expellant and firefighting agent to turn into in contact prior to discharge. When you truly love your assets, family or business, you ought to protect them to the best of ability. But you cannot do it all alone. At Shree Fire Services we help you understand all fire risks and provide reliable fire safety products to safeguard everything that you love. Shree Fire Services is an eminent, recognized manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various fire extinguisher equipment. We have successfully introduced, deliver innovative fire safety products to the clients of market. Today, we are the largest ISI mark fire Extinguisher manufacturer in Bhandup, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

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We have recruited a team of proficient, adept professionals who enable us to successfully furnish to the increasing demands of our valued and respected clients. These professionals use the available resources in an efficient, economical manner, resulting in low manufacturing cost. We have also hired a team of experienced, accomplished quality auditors, which do regular audits and strives hard to offer quality approved products to be delivered to clients. They check the aspect of each and every product part before making the final delivery to client. Owing to our wide distribution and supplying network and fair, honest business dealings, we have been able to amass a huge client-base across the country.


Our Mission

To provide quality fire safety engineering services to our clients' and contribute to our communities for their betterment by having them understanding of issues related to fire and explosions. We believe our financial success will be through satisfied customers, employees, and communities.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted commander in market of fire safety through the development of technical staff perfection, establishing a great level of ethical practice and working with our esteemed clients to meet their objectives and be the world’s most trusted partner in Quality Assurance.


Shree Fire Services adheres to following values…
Safety – taken care in whatever we do.
Integrity – is how we conduct our business.
Commitment – is what we give to our customers, employees, and communities.
Growth – is what empowers us to keep pace with ever-changing world.

Company History

Our history begins in 2008, Bhandup, with the foundation of the ISI mark fire Extinguisher. Since then, we have been developing new products that have transformed safety issue and well-being. Every invention, everyfire Extinguisher product and every breakthrough has been powered by creativity of adroit employees, who are inspired to make a difference. They strive to simply improve customers lives.By the Shree Fire Services Team, Our adept staff has made a commitment to behave ethically and to lead with honesty. This commitment is imbedded in the Shree Fire Services priority list, a core set of principles centered on integrity, competence, respect and fairness in all products.

  • Commitment to Fellow Team Members

    All our employees treat one another fairly and with respect, valuing and appreciating the talents, experiences and strengths of our distinct workforce.

  • Commitment to Customers

    We work to maintain the trust among our customers by providing the best products in the market and adhering to ethical, and legal practices in what we do.

  • Commitment to Marketplace

    Our deal is fair with our business partners, vendors and suppliers, acting decently and upholding the law.

  • Commitment to Company

    Honesty and transparency is maintained at all times to keep our Company safe, reliable and strong.

  • Commitment to Communities

    We comply with all applicable laws thereby protecting our natural resources and helping the communities where we live, work and do business.